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As part of the challenge, we’re interested in understanding and learning from the strategies participants are using to predict outcomes in the Fragile Families data. One major goal of the challenge is to learn how these strategies evolve and develop over time. We think that a more systematic understanding of how social scientists and data scientists think with data has the potential to better inform how statistical analysis is done. To do this analysis, we use the code and narrative analysis included with each submission.

Recently, we updated the code that evaluates predictions to ensure that groups don’t forget to include their code in their submissions.

What does this mean for me?

  • Make sure that your directory contains all of the code you used to generate your predictions.
  • It’s not a problem if the code is in multiple/un-executable scripts. When we look over code submissions, we don’t execute the code.
  • If you run into an error when you submit your predictions that says you’ve forgotten your code, but your submission does actually contain the code you’ve been using, let us know as soon as possible!

About Alex Kindel

Alex is a PhD student in Sociology at Princeton University. You can read more about his work at princeton.edu/~akindel.

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