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Progress report: COS424 @ Princeton

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As we near the midpoint of the Challenge, we are excited to report on the progress of our first cluster of participants: student teams in COS424, the machine learning fundamentals course at Princeton. You can find some schematic analyses of their performance over time, modeling strategies, and more here. Some of the students have open-sourced their code for all participants to use and learn from; you can find that code here.

Thanks to all the COS424 students for their awesome contributions!

About Alex Kindel

Alex is a PhD student in Sociology at Princeton University. You can read more about his work at princeton.edu/~akindel.

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Steve McKay - May 1, 2017 Reply

When/if a Princeton student wins a prize, I do hope the judges will consider augmenting the prize of an all-expenses trip to Princeton … Great work from them.

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