To access the data all participants must complete a consent form with the following statements.

Confidentiality Agreement

  1. I understand that each member of my research team must request their own copy of the data files.
  2. I understand that each member of my research team must request their own copy of the data files. Files cannot be transferred. I will not at any time give, sell, show, disclose or otherwise disseminate the FFCWS data to anyone.

  3. I agree to store and process the data in a secure manner.
  4. I will take steps to ensure that the data is safe-guarded, using protections such as password-protected access to all computers storing the data.

  5. I agree to destroy all copies of the FFCWS after the conclusion of this project.
  6. If I plan to continue research with this data, I will download a new version of the FFCWS data through the Princeton University Office of Population Research (OPR) Data Archive at:

  7. I agree not to attempt to identify individuals, families, households, or hospitals.
  8. I also agree that in the event the identity of an individual, family, household, or hospital is discovered inadvertently, I will (a) make no use of this knowledge, (b) inform the PIs, and (c) not inform any other persons of the discovered identity.

  9. I agree to report any disclosure of participants or errors in data/documentation to FFCWS staff through

To make a submission, participants must agree to the following terms.

Submission Consent Form

  1. I consent for the Fragile Families Challenge to publish my submitted data, code, and narrative explanation publicly.
  2. The Fragile Families Challenge may use my predictions and code to produce a collaborative model.
  3. If at any point you wish to remove your data, code, or narrative explanation from the project, please e-mail the project coordinator at
  4. I understand that I may submit up to once per day. All submissions must be completed by May 30, 2016.